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This item is handmade by myself in the UK. To replicate the comic seen in the movie Creepshow 2 I used screenshots of the comic frames seen in the movie and also I had to use actual screen grabs from frames from the movie to fill in the missing parts then they were hand drawn and digitally colored. The Comic features 12 pages including the front and back pages from the 3 stories in the movie:

Old Chief Wood 'n' head
The Raft

There are also Ad pages featured such as "Venus Fly trap" and the "Rocket" page. I have also added a few extra pages such as "Creepy Correspondence" to fill in the missing pages but it still stays within the "Creepshow" theme. The Inner pages of the comic are printed on newsprint so it looks and feels like a real comic and the cover is printed on glossy 180gsm photo paper. This is the most complete replica out there.

Creepshow 2 comic replica

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