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This item was hand drawn by myself to match the cover of "Destroy All Vampires" as close as possible. It is an almost exact Replica of the Comic Book seen in the movie "Lost Boys" when the Frog Brothers hand Sam a copy of the comic in the comic store scene and tell him their number is written on the back and to "Pray you never need to call us". The cover was hand drawn, scanned and coloured by myself in photoshop. I have not seen this item available anywhere else. The print is of both the front and back image as seen in the movie and measures 7" x 11" in size (regular comic book size). This Replica comes in a Sealed Comic Book Bag with a backing card, you can add an old comic inside to make it look more authentic if you wish. This will look fantastic Framed in any collection or even in a comic book store if you have one.

I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of the actual screen used comic and you will not get a more accurate replica.

Buy it now!! It could just save your life!!

Destroy All Vampires Comic Replica

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