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1 x Print of the "Vampires Everywhere" Comic Book cover as seen in "Lost Boys"

1 x Print of the "Destroy All Vampires" Comic Book cover as seen in "Lost Boys"

This item was hand drawn by myself to match the cover of "Vampires Everywhere" and " Destroy all Vampires" as close as possible. I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of the actual screen used comics and you will not get a more accurate replica. This is an almost exact Replica of the Comic Book seen in the movie "Lost Boys" when the Frog Brothers hand Sam a copy of the comic in the comic store scene. The cover was hand drawn, scanned and coloured by myself in photoshop. I have not seen this item available anywhere else. The print is A4 sized and the image measures 6.624" x 10.249" in size (regular comic book size). This will look fantastic Framed in any collection or even in a comic book store if you have one.

Buy it now!!

It could just save your life!!

Lost Boys Vampires Everywhere& Destroy All Vampires A4 Print

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