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This item was hand scuplted and is handmade in the uk by myself. It features a very detailed sculpt of the Pre-melt Tarman character from the movie Return of the Living Dead looking out of the barrel (encased in water clear resin) exactly like the one at the start of the movie. This item features a fantastic detailed paintjob and looks extremely weathered. The side of the barrel features the Emergency Telephone number stenciled across it. This replica is slush cast and is hollow on the inside so the incense burner can be placed under it, there are two small holes drilled through the top opening caps to allow smoke to escape and give the effect of toxic poison leaking from the barrel.

The item will come with a Brass Incense burner included and 5 x mixed Incense cones - (or you can just display it as a prop)

Measures 6" Tall x 4" Wide

If your a fan of the movie or just a horror fan and you have "BRAAAAAINNNS" then you should buy it now.

Trioxin Barrel Incense Burner

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